Following are testimonials about Dr. Bob Shipp and his book; Guide to Fishes of Gulf of Mexico

Dr. Bob Shipp's Guide to the Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico is a must-have for the desk, the beach house or the boat of any Gulf Coast angler, conservationist or nature enthusiast. It's easily read, easy to use and makes fish identification a snap - I've had one on the corner of my desk for the past 20 years, and this latest version is by far the best yet.

Frank Sargeant, former Outdoor Editor, Tampa Tribune

Perhaps you haven't heard the true story of the Panhandle fisherman whose claim that mullet are birds persuaded a judge not to convict them of illegal netting. Those feats and more can be found in Dr. Bob Shipp's Guide to Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico.

Steve Humphries, Playground Daily News

With the pen of a poet and scientific knowledge gleaned from decades spent as one of the Gulf's top marine biologists, Bob Shipp has crafted one of the most engaging fish books on the market. Insights into the relative merits of each species at the dinner table mean you'll reach for it again and again.

Howell Raines, former editor at the New York Times