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Ya’ Better Know Your Sharks

With the continual changes in regulations and the fines attached to fishing violations, it is very important to correctly identify your catch. And there’s no group of Gulf fishes more difficult to identify than the sharks. And also, there’s no group of Gulf fishes with more protected species than sharks. There is a small culture…
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The Lesser Aristocrat

Pompano are a Rival to Red Snapper Red snapper are widely considered the aristocrat of Gulf of Mexico fishes, both for their culinary attributes as well as the notoriety afforded them by recent management measures. But our Florida pompano rivals red snapper at least in its attributes as table fare. Pompano en papillote (“in a…
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Invasion Of The Red Lion

Lionfish Numbers Continue To Explode Recently I judged the annual Flora-Bama fishing tournament at Perdido, Fla. New this year was a lionfish category, with spearing the preferred capture method. This was following a widely publicized “lionfish awareness week” in nine Florida Gulf coastal cities featuring “harvest” of lionfish by divers. No lionfish arrived early on,…
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State Snapper Solution Deserves Support

Recently I offered an “outside the box” idea on how to solve the red snapper dilemma. I’m herein describing a second solution that is currently getting a great deal of attention in Congress. In all likelihood there have never been as many Gulf red snapper in recorded history. In spite of these soaring populations, a…
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