2nd Annual Guy Harvey Fisheries Symposium

Dr. Bob Shipp participated as a panelist in 2nd Annual Guy Harvey Fisheries Symposium. He and other scientists met at the University of South Florida to discuss red snapper management, aquaculture, and other marine science issues.

Solutions for Snapper Management

Dr. Bob offered three solutions concerning the issue of red snapper management at the meeting. Firstly, he encouraged limiting red snapper fishing to 25 fathoms. Due to the snapper population thriving in up to 100 fathoms, limiting the fishing would ensure a protected population. Secondly, he supported leaving red snapper management to the states. Since each Gulf state has unique circumstances that can affect snapper populations, the regulations should be determined by each individually. Lastly, his third solution combined the first two - he suggested letting states regulate their fishing seasons with the additional restriction of not fishing deeper than 25 fathoms.

Bob Shipp Snapper Management Panel

Bob Shipp on the panel of the Guy Harvey Fisheries Symposium.
Photo from Sport Fishing Magazine.

For more information, read the article about the 2nd Annual Guy Harvey Fisheries Symposium from Sport Fishing Magazine here.


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