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A fish is a fish is a … fabulous book of scientific facts about fishes of the Gulf of Mexico. Seasoned with a pinch of wit and a taste of everything from the mundane to the extraordinary, Dr. Bob Shipp’s Guide to Fishes of the Gulf of Mexico is written to satisfy the amateur enthusiast and the sophisticated savant alike.

This book is scientifically accurate, but popularly oriented and written in an easily understood language. Bob blends anecdotes with authenticity, modern underwater photography with illustrations from the archives of the Smithsonian Institute, and interesting ichthyological trivia with a few choice methods for preparing fish fillets.
Separation of the fable from the fact is a trademark of this guide. Accurate knowledge turns out to be more fascinating than any fictional fantasy when it comes to fishes, and this guide is brimming with things about fishes that are fun to know — and even more fun to look for when hitting the surf or snapper banks.
This is the only popular volume by a marine scientist to date which is devoted to the fishes of the entire Gulf of Mexico. While meticulously accurate, the language and style are appropriate and enjoyable for young teenagers through adults.
There is information on distribution and life history as well as interesting comments, trivia, and anecdotes on the 300 or so most frequently encountered fishes of the Gulf of Mexico. Being from a culinary family, there are several delicious but unusual recipes  included.